Monday, 4 April 2016

‘FF1’ A new customised desking solution

Studiofibre launch their first desking system, in collaboration with Frezza UK.

The FF1 desking system is our response to demand for an elegant yet robust solution for 21st Century technology and working styles, and easily able to be customised for diverse work space environments.

Originally developed for fashion brand Farfetch, the desking system is now available by special order in a variety of finishes.

“We specialise in bringing brands to life in bricks and mortar and don’t do ‘off the shelf’ design projects. Everything we do is ‘on-brand’ for each and every client and we furnish our interior design schemes with a highly edited mix of pieces we have created ourselves, alongside others that we have carefully curated. When we cannot find exactly what we are looking for, we make it. Farfetch is a pioneering brand known for being a step ahead and being the first to do things.  
We wanted to create a desking system for them that was a ‘first', and to design a unique aesthetic for their industrial spaces, working-style and cutting-edge brand image. We approached Frezza UK, who share our deep passion for design, functionality and quality, to provide a customised framework and we added our own hand-crafted desktop – and the FF1 was born.”
Fiona Livingston – Co-Founder – Studiofibre

LAYOUT: the system moves away from the typical bench desking system found in so many workplaces, to create something more individual and personal. The design comes in a table format, with each table seating 2 people opposite each other.

The desks can be laid out in communal table modules, which fosters a collaborative working environment, whilst a degree of privacy is created with floating monitor arms, which allow the computer screens to provide a natural barrier between the desks.

FRAMEWORK: Frezza UK created a custom framework for the system from industrial-style raw steel – not usually found in office desking options. Their Italian partners’ heritage, certification, and multitude of awards bear testimony to the quality of the product.

DESKTOP: we have designed and crafted our own bespoke desktop to complement the framework of the desk. Hi- grade plywood is polished and chamfered for an elegant line before being overlaid with a soft vinyl by ‘Forbo’ giving the desktop a luxurious tactile quality that is similar to that of blotting paper. This gives the desk a very Studiofibre edge - a highly contemporary nod to the blotting paper that used to be found on traditional mahogany partner desks.
The Forbo vinyl is available in a range of rich colour options. The desktops are all hand-crafted in the UK, before being expertly fitted to the frames.

TECHNOLOGY: The desktops have been designed to meet the needs of a 21st Century workforce. Desk top plug-ins provide convenient access to power for charging mobile technology and customised cable management ensures that a clean look is maintained.

ORDERING: The FF1 desking system is available by special order, with your choice of colour of Forbo desktop overlay. Prices available upon request and depend upon the order size. Minimum order of 50 units. To place an order or make an enquiry, please contact Fiona Livingston on 01442 876335