Thursday, 3 March 2016

Crafting ‘on-brand’ physical spaces for digital brands

Many digital brands are enjoying exponential growth rates. Start-ups can fast out-grow their initial workspaces and find they need to translate their brand into inspirational multi-use spaces where the boundaries between work and lifestyle, and retail areas and workspaces are becoming increasingly blurred.

Young digital brands that may have initially concentrated an producing an exceptional online presence, reach a stage of development where they require a physical environment that does their brand justice and unites their global spaces.

Net-a-Porter | Studiofibre bring the luxury brand to life across global workspaces

As pioneers in their fields, the natural next step is to commission a bespoke space that brings every fibre of their unique brand identity to life in bricks and mortar, through their design-language and bespoke furniture, fittings and finishes - spaces that reflect the unique elements of their brand identity.

Translating a 2d digital brand into a 3d physical space starts with a vast amount of research. This sort of ‘blank canvas’ work can be daunting, as there are often no existing design-codes to draw on. A deep understanding of the brand is vital, as is strong chemistry with the client. At Studiofibre, we immerse ourselves fully in the client’s business in order to ensure that our overall design scheme, and every bespoke detail amplifies their unique identity.

The skill lies in defining the key elements that make the brand ‘tick’ and developing a design language that brings that ‘personality’ to life. As designer-makers, we create and craft bespoke furniture for every project which allows us to truly personalize a space down to the last detail. We don’t offer an ‘off-the-peg’ solution or ‘house-style’.

The fast growth rates of today’s digital-brand success stories mean that spaces also have to be flexible, and able to continually evolve. For example, a 21st Century HQ not only needs to represent the brand, but has to help the businesses nurture its workforce, attract the best industry talent in this fiercely competitive sector, and ideally also act as a PR story and stakeholder perception tool.

Essentially every space has to deliver on multiple levels. As designer-makers with projects for Net-a-Porter, Farfetch and under our belt, we have a wealth of experience of bringing digital businesses to life via beautifully branded spaces.

For further information, please contact Fiona Livingston