Monday, 29 February 2016

How your workspace design could be working harder for your business

You’ve established a great brand and your business is growing. Your team is expanding and naturally you want to hire the very best talent the industry has to offer. This means headhunting rather than advertising.

So how do you lure the people you want away from their existing jobs? 

How do you persuade them to take a leap of faith and join your team?
And once you’ve got them, how do you retain them?

There are clearly many factors at play in this process, but given that we all spend the majority of our waking hours at work, the environment we spend our time in is an increasingly important factor. 

Offices should be so much more than a place of work for your team.

For example, our client Natalie Massenet, the entrepreneur and founder of the phenomenally successful Net-A-Porter Group, has always maintained that the design of global Net-A-Porter offices have played a key factor in the success of the business.

 Open workspace, Net-A-Porter

In the nine years since we formed Studiofibre, we have designed creative concepts for and transformed the workspaces of many high-end household name brands including The Net-A-Porter Group, Farfetch, The White Company, Agent Provocateur, Dunhill, Bicester Village, The British Fashion Council and Not on The High Street

In our experience, the right workspace has a positive effect on businesses on multiple levels.

Staff Retention

A high staff turnover rate is a headache. Recruitment is a costly and time consuming process, and losing great people can have a negative impact on your business. Well-designed spaces that flow well, are comfortable and inspiring and have plenty of break out areas can have an extremely positive effect on the workforce.

Growth Rates

As you continue to grow, you’ll want to avoid costly office moves until they are absolutely necessary. Cleverly designed spaces can allow for significant growth within your existing buildings. Taking inspiration from studio or set designs opens up a wealth of cost-effective flexible options.

Industry Talent

You want to attract the cream of the crop, and lure the best people to join your team. Your offices should play a key part in this process, providing an attractive place for people to work that it helps them make what may be a tricky decision to leave a job they are already in and take the risk of moving on to join your business much easier.  

 Gathering/presentation space, Not on the High Street

Telling Your Story

Your workspace should be a PR story in its own right. You’ll want to maximise positive press coverage, and you could take your brand beyond your traditional industry titles / sectors of the media and into the design press, the soft-business pages and generate more noise in your own trade press.

Bringing Your Brand to Life

A well-designed office should bring your brand to life in bricks and mortar. Every fibre of your brand can be translated via not only the design of the interiors, but also in bespoke furniture and via carefully curated props and art.

Inspiring Your Team

When your brand is brought to life throughout the space, your team will be living and breathing your brand, drawing inspiration from it on a daily basis. A sense of occasion is key. Every space should have a positive impact on the people using and visiting the space, and be memorable for all the right reasons.

If you have plans to grow, then your workspace environment has a key role to play in creating success.  To explore what may be right for your brand and your business, please do get in touch.  

Monday, 8 February 2016

Studiofibre creates global design language for pioneering fashion brand Farfetch

Studiofibre are proud to launch a series of international, branded spaces for Farfetch, the online destination for consumers to shop from the world’s best boutiques.

We've created a design language to bring the Farfetch brand to life across its workspaces - a new global HQ in London and offices in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our team have designed and crafted a range of bespoke furniture and delivered over 50,000 square feet of branded interiors which seamlessly integrate working, entertainment and private client shopping spaces.

This latest global design project continues our experience of bringing 2d digital brands to life within 3d bricks and mortar spaces, and complimenting the interiors schemes with bespoke on-brand furniture.

More details to follow soon.

Gallery style entrance hall featuring ‘omnichannel’ live AV wall 

Studio lounge with bespoke Studiofibre double sided sofas