Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Wellbeing in the workplace is a hot topic.  Mental health dominates the news agenda, and leading charity Mind is launching a high-profile initiative, backed by HRH The Duke of Cambridge, to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace.    What few people are talking about, however, is the significant positive effect that the physical workspace can have on the wellbeing of those that work within it on a daily basis.

Studiofibre, the workplace design specialists (and the team behind the design of global offices for major brands including Net-A-Porter, Farfetch, The White Company and are pioneers of ‘Neuro Neighbourhoods’ with office spaces and passionate about creating physical spaces that proactively enhance wellbeing.

“The environment that the workforce spend the vast proportion of their waking hours immersed in is crucial.  A carefully planned space, with bespoke elements, doesn’t have to cost the earth, and can support a company’s two key assets:  Its ‘brains’ (workforce) and its ‘brand.  Wellbeing in the workplace is about so much more than providing healthy snacks, exercise classes and HR support schemes.”  says Fiona Livingston, Co-Founder, Studiofibre.

Maximise your staff wellbeing and maximising productivity with a few careful tweaks to your workspace by considering Studiofibre’s top tips:

-       1.  TELL YOUR STAFF TO LEAVE!:  Do not create a campus with everything your team may need under one roof.  Instead, actively encourage them to leave the workspace during the day to give them a change of scene, a break from the working day and the chance to reconnect with / be inspired by the outside world.

-       2.  NEURO NEIGHBOURHOODS:  Invest in diverse, on-brand and creative ‘micro’ areas for different tasks such focus, relaxation, learning, collaboration and communication.  These spaces will nudge the human brain to change state and empower employees to structure their day using the spaces their brain needs at any given time, keeping positive energy flowing. 

-       3.  MOVEMENT:  The more your workforce is encouraged to move around the space throughout their day, the more their brains and bodies will be kept active.  Movement also promotes spontaneous interaction between teams that don’t usually work together, which can be beneficial on multiple levels.

-       4.  PEOPLE (not tech) FIRST: Beautifully crafted spaces (with much of the essential tech carefully disguised) can help counteract stress and off-set the potential negative effects of the increasingly dominant technology.  Tactile materials and natural plantings which encourage mindfulness and tech-free zones and areas for socialising and healthy eating are key elements.  ‘Grow your own’ planted areas can be used to generate a sense of ownership and personal space, in addition to awakening the senses.

-       5.  YOUR BRAND DNA:  Inspire your workforce on a daily basis by giving them a space which immerses them in your brand, values and ethos.  Distil the essence of your brand and bring it to life in bricks, mortar, fixtures, fittings and bespoke furniture pieces.  A beautifully branded space not only engages your workforce, but makes an immediate impact on any stakeholders that visit your space. 

-       6.  RECEPTION v. WELCOME:  Turn a static ‘reception’ area into a vibrant co-working space which gives employees additional positive space away from their own desks and ensures that your visitors enter a welcoming and animated space

“People are the priority and a workspace should foster a sense of belonging, ownership and community.  Technology should be used to enable the human workforce, rather and never take centre-stage.  Give each individual the opportunity to design their own working day within the workplace and allow them to make conscious choices about the spaces they need for optimal productivity and wellbeing.”
Fiona Livingston – Co-Founder – Studiofibre

We’d be delighted to chat through how Studiofibre could help you plan your workspace.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Studiofibre puts finishing touches to a new HQ for Farfetch in Los Angeles

Studiofibre puts finishing touches to a new HQ for Farfetch in Los Angeles, during Mental Health Month (May 2018), providing a new experiential space which focuses firmly on enhancing employee wellbeing,

Studiofibre, the global architectural interiors studio of designer-makers renowned for creating beautifully branded HQs and offices internationally, is a firm believer in putting human needs at the very heart of the design process and creating environments that support optimal cognitive performance and wellbeing in the workplace. 

We work with visionary brands globally including The Net-A-Porter Group, The White Company, WME | IMG, and Farfetch, the pioneering Fashion & Technology brand. 

We are currently working with Farfetch on a number of international spaces  to create ‘future’ workplaces with an emphasis on ‘neuro interiors’ – design narratives which work to fully support Farfetch’s 2 key assets:  Its ‘Brains’ (employees) and its ‘Brand’. 

We deliver beautifully branded and bespoke, crafted spaces that work on multiple levels, including:

-       Prioritising human needs and encourage mindfulness
-       Ensuring the emphasis is human, with textures and finishes that excite the senses
-       Providing diverse spaces for focus, relaxation, collaboration and communication – allowing the mind to change state
-       Ensuring movement around the space to keep brains active
-       Maximising human interaction
-       Counteracting stress
-       Providing elements for positive topics of conversation, bringing people together
-       Allowing for spontaneity
-       Encouraging employees to structure their day using the spaces their brain needs at the time.
-       Offsetting the potential negative effects of increasingly dominant technology